Sunday, May 31, 2015

Patiently Not-So-Patiently Waiting

This is it!!!! We made it to 39 weeks! 8 days away from a very unwanted scheduled C-section. Hoping to get little man moving in the next few days to avoid the C-section as much as possible.
In our house the past week has been nothing short of one legged jumping jacks, standing on stilts while knitting a new blanket.....anything to induce labor. Yes, we've done it all. All the old wives tales: EPO, sex, nipple stimulation, spicy foods and any other food that also might start labor, pressure points, exercise ball, walking, etc. Our next step is to offer a sacrifice to the fertility gods.

In other news, Spring has arrived, though it feels much like summer all ready. We've taken on a number of projects all ready to give our craftsman home a little curb appeal in hopes of putting it on the market in the very near future. Our good friend, Matt and go-to rent-a-husband has finished our beautiful 6 ft privacy fence, put together the boys new swing set and is in the middle of demolishing our 90 year old original cracked and chipped concrete entrance walk to be replaced by stone pavers. And then of course, yearly mulching and landscaping. We also planted a container garden with O and J this season and are taking great pride in their farming and care skills to far. Sure! Why not do all of this in the midst of waiting for a new baby??

And now, mostly because I am short on time, here is a slide show of the past few months. We enjoyed a babymoon concert with some wonderful friends and musicians, took a family babymoon to Dinosaur Land (the boys are OBSESSED with dinosaurs right now) a cheap iconic roadside attraction not far from our home, attended a firetruck rodeo and just making special memories enjoying our remaining time together as a family of 4. The boys are anticipating the arrival of their "baby brother''and are sweet enough to greet Wren in the morning and bedtime with belly kisses for baby brother. We believe they will make quick and amazing big brothers!

Baby and family moon at 35 weeks: Mama's Black Sheep and Christine Havrilla concert. Family trip to Dinosaur Land in White Post, Va

Firetruck Rodeo -- Apple Blossom Festival 2015

Baby bump 36 weeks:

Baby bump 38 weeks:

Trekking across town trying to get baby trios moving. I'm sure we're a walking entertaining spectacle for our neighbors.

And finally a sneak peak of baby trios. This was from our last sonogram April 13, 2015 when we was 32 weeks. He weighed in at 5.6 lbs and his head was measuring at 37 this point, I'm estimating he is at least 9 lbs and has a noggin the size of a cantaloupe. Perhaps Wren won't mind the C-section afterall....

Sweet baby boy -- your mommies and brother's can't wait to meet you! Please join us soon!!!! And readers, send all your best labor energy our way! Full moon is June never know...

All our best!
Finch and Wren

Extra bonus: if you understand the significance of this photo -- you receive a MILLION extra bonus points! But don't ruin the surprise for everyone ; )

Sunday, March 8, 2015

28 Weeks and marching along

Remember as a child how time would seem as slow as a snail? As you grew up, time sped up here and there...Fast forward to adulthood and it feels like a month was no longer than a week! As I sit here writing, I just can't believe how fast time is passing. Now that we are over the first trimester sickness, bleeding scares and lethargicness, we are just sailing along. 

Here is a picture of Wren at 25 weeks

She wears pregnancy so well -- I swear she just glows all the time and a cloud of rainbows, unicorns and pixie dust follows her around. 

These are shots from our most recent ultrasound last week. Baby trios is measuring ahead by almost 2 weeks. He was being camera shy so the tech wasn't able to get any 3D or really nice face shots, but we did get the thumbs up from him assuring us that he is just fine! 

Life is good! The boys are thrilled to be big brothers (though Jack was really looking forward to having a little sister....maybe next time.). They are very sweet about talking to baby brother in Mommy's belly. I brought up (the insane amount) the baby clothes totes from the basement and Wren has been busy sorting thru them and getting all the teeny tiny sleepers and onsies washed up. I've been busy stock piling our deep freezer with go-to meals and casseroles in preparation for the new baby sleep deprivation and low energy. 

A few weeks ago we sold our Chicco double stroller and I had a moment. Just realizing O and J are 3 and no longer require a stroller, nor could they even come close to fitting in it. Our boys are not tiny or delicate. They are tall and lean, full of spunk. They no longer coo and squeal but have LOTS to say. We are less helicopter parents as they are more and more independent each day. Tick tock, tick tock -- time keeps plugging along. It has no mercy, no concern that your children are growing up. It has no regard for that sweet, innocent baby smell or tiny little fingers and toes. So as our older boys grow and thrive -- Wren and I very much look forward to welcoming our newest bouncing boy into our lives. And maybe, just maybe.... for one glorious minute, time will take a break and stand still at his birth so we can bask in the splendor of his newness. 



Sunday, November 9, 2014

Week 10 -- Gummy bears, lemon drops and kumquats.....and other fall happenings

Well friends, we have reached week 10!!! Baby bird trois is measuring normally for week 10, approximately the size of a kumquat.  We had our last appointment with our fertility clinic on 10/31 and have been officially released from their care. We met with our OBGYN last Monday and seem to like the practice. The Dr was calm and laid back. He reviewed Wren's medical papers/history and said in his opinion, the pregnancy was progressing nicely and didn't seem concerned at all with her small subchorionic hematoma. Speaking of which, there has been no bleeding at all this week for 6 days straight (Hellur hallelujer!!!!!). Hitting week 10 also marks a small milestone of NO MORE INJECTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, Wren has been a champ -- over 2 months of intro-muscle injectables, she has literally become a human pin cushion. Whew!

So here is the most recent sonogram picture of our little taken around 8 1/2 weeks. This was taken by our fertility clinic and for some reason they did a 3D scan in which I think little bird is in the adorable gummy bear stage!

In other news -- Wren's nausea has really started kicking in. She is drinking lots and lots (and lots) of lemon water. Also the Dr recommended vitamin B6 and ginger chews. Wren has also sort of adopted her own solution -- lemon drops!  

Fall is officially upon us here in the beautiful mountain state. Seriously, if you have never been to West Virginia in the fall -- it is a MUST! It is Wren and I's most favorite time of the year. Gorgeous scenery, crisp fall mornings and we are those die hard ''pumpkin everything'' enthusiasts! Fall also means PUMPKIN PATCHES!!!! Around here, pumpkin patches are a big deal and we take them very seriously. You don't just go get a pumpkin at the store -- we have at least 6 major farms around us who specialize in fall festivities. Wagon rides, petting zoo, corn mazes, pumpkin chucking, duck races, huge tube slides, you get the picture! And if you don't, well here are some actual pictures of our trip this year:

And here is another of just some normal fall splendor!

Also this month, Baby bird J had to get glasses. Isn't he adorable????!!! The boy said he wanted blue glasses, so blue glasses he got! FYI -- if your child is ever in need of glasses, we highly recommend MIRAFLEX brand. They are completely bendable and thus far, indestructible. Perfect for our on-the-go, rambunctious little guy.

Lastly, fall is perfect because,'s Halloweeeeeeeen! I've gotta say, I think the boys REALLY enjoyed trick or treating this year. Can you guess their costumes?????

Love and happy fall y'all!!!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Early Complications

This past Thursday began as any other morning in our home. Wren was up early with the boys (because they are the happiest little early risers on the face of this earth) and I was just getting out of bed to start my day after a long night at work. A few minutes had passed when Wren came charging up the stairs into the bathroom and said ''something is wrong.'' She sat down on the toilet and pulled down her pants to reveal an alarming amount of blood. 

Immediately Wren phoned our Dr and we were told to come in right away. I threw on some clothes and a hat, got the boys together and off we went. It was the longest 40 minute drive ever. She went into the office and returned in less than 20 minutes. She got back into the van (all while I was honestly preparing for and anticipating the worst), sonogram picture in hand and reassuringly said ''everything is fine.'' The baby's heart rate is perfect for 6w5d (then) at 117 bpm and everything looks good. Whew! What an immediate sense of relief and joy! So what is causing the bleeding???

Wren was diagnosed with a subchorionic hemorrhage. A subchorionic hemorrhage (subchorionic hematoma) is the accumulation of blood within the folds of the chorion -- the outer fetal membrane, next to the placenta, or within the layers of the placenta itself. These bleeds, or clots, can cause the placenta to seperate from the uterine wall if they get too large, if they develop in a bad spot, or if they aren't eventually reabsorbed by the body. Unfortunately, there is no explained reason why this happens and according to our Dr and other online readings, it is very common in about 20% of women. On the positive side, more than half of these women go on to lead perfectly normal pregnancies. However, these hematomas can lead to or cause miscarriages, placental abruption and preterm labor. 

Since Thursday, Wren has been on bed rest. The bleeding seems to come and go. We have a follow up appt tomorrow morning with our Dr and now that we have more info on what a subchorionic hemorrhage is, we have more questions to ask. Until next week (week 8), we are still under the care of our fertility clinic. This week, we will be deciding on who our obstetrician will be or if we will be referred to the high-risk Dr (like we had last time) as a result of this complication. 

Please keep us in your thoughts!!!! Hoping to have more news after tomorrow's appointment. 

Thank you for caring, 

Friday, October 10, 2014


We went for our 1st Ultrasound on Wednesday, Oct 8th and we are having "1 STRONG BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hooray!!!!!  We had a different doctor to do the ultrasound  (who we have never met in the practice) and he asked why our Dr. wanted to scan so soon that usually they aren't done until after 6 weeks and he looked at my beta levels and said "oh she thought you were having multiples again!"  We were 25 days past conception (5 weeks, 4 days) on the day of our ultrasound and we were able to see the heartbeat already and when he measured it - it was 83 bpm - Dr. said, " I guess this is normal because we don't usually pick up a heartbeat until after 6 weeks so I think you have an overachiever already!" LOL.  We are over the moon excited! Our next ultrasound is on October 20th :)   Thanks for all the positive thoughts and prayers - keep them coming!  xo, Wren

OUR BABY :)   super tiny but strong!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Third Beta

Well I went for another beta today and Beta #3 was 3951.  We go for our first ultrasound on Wednesday morning!!!! 1 or 2??!!!  We only transferred one embie so if it's two --we are having identical twins this time... Come on Wednesday! 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Beta tests

Beta #1 11dpt (days past transfer) -460!!!
Beta #2. 13 dpt ---990!!!!

We are out of town until Monday so our third beta isn't until then....and first ultrasound not for two more weeks....

Need your vote: are we having 1 baby or 2 babies?!?!???