Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Picking up the kids

Today was pick up day! Below is a photo of the kids being transported from the cryo bank to the doctor's office. Do you think I would get parental neglect because they aren't in car seats?? :o) 

We had a change of plans regarding our upcoming appointments later this week. As it turns out, the Dr we typically see will not be able to see us and we are being moved to the other facility/location for both appointments. Also, we have never even dealt with the one physician -- needless to say we are a little apprehensive/nervous about that. But, I'm sure everything will turn out great -- he is a professional after all.

I will admit, I never expected planning for a family to be such a task. I don't know what fantasy world I was living in (perhaps it's the one where you just wish for a baby and the stork drops it off on the front step), but I think that is the one thing most couples don't prepare for. You don't prepare for all the disappointments and other misc problems that pop up. My wife has spent a year and a half tracking her temperature EVERY morning, countless mornings on the toilet peeing in a cup and dipping strips --- only for us to spend the next 15 minutes trying to determine if the line is a deep shade of pink or a medium or a light shade, could she be ovulating? Does this mean she is going to "surge" now or within 24 hours?.... One thing you never have to doubt though is the blood work. It's always accurate, but your still doubt it because you were soooooo sure you were pregnant. As Wren mentioned in the previous blog, we have made several changes to our lifestyle habits and are still trying to be as homeopathic as possible (including no hormones). So after numerous attempts, I, we, are very hopeful and confident about our upcoming IUI. 

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our TTC (trying to conceive) Journey

I must say I am relieved to find a blog spot that talks about the journey of other lesbian couples trying to conceive.  I have read many, many of your blogs over the past month and am relieved to hear we aren't alone in this journey of trying to conceive via IUI.  Here is a brief overview of our journey so far....
Finch and I married in May 2009 and started our TTC journey in July 2009.
We were very hopeful we would be as lucky as our friends and have success on try 1 or two from home....that was not the case for us.

Our attempts to date include:
July 09 - 2 ICI at home   BFN
August 09 - 2 ICI at home  BFN
December 09 - 2 IUI  BFN
April 2010 -1 IUI BFN

After 2 attempts from home, we decided to go through a fertility specialist to spend our $$ wisely.
After a social work consult, multiple tests, blood work, etc. the doctor said that all of my levels are normal.
Despite being 35,  she said we had a good chance of success with IUI.

Our 3rd IUI attempt is scheduled for this Thursday and Friday.  The past month and a half has been very focused on healthy eating and exercise.  I have lost 11.5 pounds since the end of June.  I have been drinking fertili"tea", eating gogi berries, avocado, almonds, salmon, honey,  smoothies, fruits and veggies, no caffeine, no red meat, etc.   We went to the health food store in July and brought all of the ingredients for 2 variations of fertili"tea".  I have had about 8-9 acupuncture treatments over the past month and a half to "balance" my energy flow and increase my fertility.   My next appointment is on Wednesday (the day prior to our IUI) and a follow up on Friday (the morning of day 2 IUI) - Wish us luck!!!!!  We haven't gone to the medication route yet because the doctor seems confident we will have success......fingers crossed!    ~Wren