Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wishing you all a safe, and happy holiday!

Santa's Helpers: Oliver and Jack

Monday, December 12, 2011

Email Info

A follow up post from last nights....

I thought our email was listed under our profile info -- I guess it is clearly not :)

You can reach us at

We have individual FB accounts and they are obviously listed under our seperate email addresses, so don't waste your time trying to search for us using this email. When you email, we will get the correct info back to ya!

Also, let me clarify -- we are NOT ending our blog. It's simply just a lot to keep up with...some weeks we may only be able to update once, if even that. And we've been on here long enough now that I would consider most of you our friends :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Teaser :)

Hey everyone! Just writing a real quick blog in between feedings, diaper changes and naps :)

Wren and the boys are doing great! We go for a check up in the morning -- hoping the boys were able to maintain and hopefully gain some weight. They are super easy babies and all ready can tell their seperate personalities. When Wren isn't feeding, she is pumping -- and when she isn't pumping she is feeding :)  But, she is committed as all get out to breast feeding -- so on we go.

We have had great support from family and friends. Stopping by, letting us take a nap, shower, bringing us dinner, coming over in the morning and making breakfast.

I know you are still waiting for the birth story, but you're going to have to keep waiting. This Mama does not have it in her to tell it tonight. But, I can leave you with lots of pictures :)

***Also, we are on FB and I am constantly updating for family out of town. If you would like to stay in the loop, email us and we will give our info out to reach us. FB is much quicker and easier and I feel like I have neglected blogger.

Jack hanging out on Mommy

Oliver being handsome, like always

I mean really, how cute are they!!! Sorry, I can't reconfigure the photo to turn it around

Jack's first bath at home -- quack, quack!

Mommy and Jack time -- this picutre melts my heart!

             Oliver's bath time                                                 Another cute duck!

The boys in the outfits Wren's mom gave them and the blanket in the backdrop is one that my mom made them

Best Christmas gifts EVER!!!!!!!!!!!


Finch, Wren, and the boys!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

They're Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is with profound happiness that we introduce our perfect, precious, absolutely adorabable, newborn SONS into this world!

Born Dec 4th @ 11:19 am
5 lbs 7 oz, 18.75 inches

Born Dec 4th @ 11:20 am
5 lbs 5 oz, 18.75 inches

We could not be more in love!!!! They are absolutely wonderful! I do have to apoligize for keeping it from blogland for 2 days, but we have had  a lot going on. Wren is doing remarkably well. She did have to have an emergency C-Section (birth story to follow when one of us has had more sleep). She is recovering very well and has been able to breast feed. We are shocked that we have 2 BOYS, but couldn't be happier :)  And because I have to get some sleep for the next feeding in 2 hours, I do not have much more time to type, so I will leave you with some more pics of them!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Update after ultrasound

We went to see our doctor this morning for our last growth scan at 35 weeks, 1 day...

Baby A is Head down - weight 5lb 9oz - heart rate 139
Baby B is Head down - weight 5 lb 8oz - heart rate 157

The heart rates have me confused usually Baby A is 150's and Baby B is in the 130's - so who knows?!?!

The doctor checked me and I am not dilated AT ALL. She said, " you are solid as a rock!" LOL.

We go back to see her at the hospital this Sunday for a NST and check up since she is on call but she said after that we would just continue with NST's and she would see us on the 17th for induction!!!  Induction day is only 3 days short of 38 weeks which she said she wouldn't let us go over.

She said she expects we will make it to our induction day and the babies will gain another pound within the next two weeks. 

So only 17 more days....I keep repeating it over and over - the last two weeks have been really loooong but it looks like we will need to hang in there a little longer.

Thank goodness for heat packs, bags of frozen peas and my recliner!!!! LOL.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Can you believe that TODAY is 35 weeks?!?!?!  WE CAN'T! 

My waist is 50 INCHES ?!?!?! 
Santa Claus better be eating more cookies because he has some competition this year - LOL!

We went for a NST (non-stress test) on Sunday and our doctor did a quick ultrasound. She said the babies look great, fluid level is good and BOTH are HEAD DOWN!  Woo-hoo! We are very excited because we will definitely be able to do the vaginal delivery.  If the babies haven't made their arrival we are scheduled for induction on Saturday, Dec 17th at 7:30am which means that we only have 18 more days to go.....unbelievable!

We go back in the morning for a full growth ultrasound at 8:30am and meet with our doctor then go to the the hospital for another NST.  It has been 5 weeks since our last full growth scan so we can't wait to see how much each baby weighs!  Finch has now decided that she thinks we are having 2 girls because of a dream she had the other night.  I still think we are having one boy and one girl.... time will tell!

I went into the office yesterday but am working from home the rest of the week. At this point the pressure and pain from walking, standing and even driving is too much so I sit comfortably in my recliner and work on projects and am sitting here as I type. LOL.  Bags of frozen peas and the microwave heat pack have also become my best friends. 

Well, Finch is nesting away and has been baking away to her hearts content.  She has made and frozen chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies and oatmeal cookies for the holidays. She has also made several other delights which include Chocolate-Espresso Balls, Crab Mac and Cheese (for my birthday dinner) along with Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee (for my birthday dinner), and last but certainly not least,  Pumpkin Truffles which are to die for!!!! (see the pictures below)

Chocolate Espresso Balls

Crab Mac and Cheese for my Birthday dinner

Crab Mac and Cheese

Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee for my Birthday

More Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee - yummo!

Heavenly Pumpkin Truffles

Our house is all decorated for Christmas

Oh Christmas Tree!

We both went for last minute pedicures today to treat ourselves!  

Life is Good Amazing !  We are so blessed and will keep you updated as we get closer the next few days.....the hospital bag is packed and waiting at the bottom of the stairs - I told Finch now that we are ready they will probably wait until the last minute and be induced on Dec 17th - oh my!

Love and blessings for a Happy Holiday Season to each of you!
Wren and Finch

Friday, November 18, 2011

Foto Friday -- Pregnancy Photos

We had our pregnancy photos taken earlier this month and got them back yesterday -- just in time for Foto Friday! Here are a few of our favorites.

String phone -- I can hear them!

These are the kids favorite books, we read to them as much as possible

"2 Birds Building a Nest"

Ok, I know there was a lot there, but we LOVE them all and it was hard to narrow it down! If any of you live in the DC metro area, please look our photographer up. Brooke Bready Photography. She is an old high school friend and does AMAZING work!

Nothing else to really report. At 33 1/2 weeks, busy keeping these babies cookin! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Water breaking -- FALSE ALARM!!!!

Oh my golly! Sometimes Wren just makes me laugh at the situations she gets into....

The other day, she came home from work completely ready to just relax. She was sore from the pressure of her vajayjay, her lower back was hurting, and her hip has started to pop each time she takes a step.

***Luckily, she has the luxury of having a fairly flexible career and a lot of times can work without needing to be in the office. Although, she likes to be in the office for face. So, about the past month she has been working half days from the office in the morning, and then will come home in the afternoons. I, however, do not have even the option of working from home and work from 4pm-midnight (or longer...). Lately, we have been able to spend at least an hour together in the afternoons before I have to get going.

So, she walks in the door -- just feeling blah. She goes into the kitchen, gets ice out of the freezer and puts it in a bag, flops down in the recliner and begins to ice her vagina! All I could do was laugh along with her. She goes on to make herself comfortable and I head out the door. She tells me that she is going to take a nap and will call me later when she wakes up. Well, about an hour and a half goes by and I get a text from her that says -- "I just woke up...I think my water broke."  So, I'm reading it, in awe....then I get the follow up message that says -- "Oh is just my bag of ice that melted. LOL!"  

Really?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????  Oh well! It makes for a good story.

Take care everyone!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Week 32

My gorgeous wife looking absolutely amazing!

She is such a champ! A quick check up and sonogram yesterday revealed that BOTH BABIES ARE NOW HEAD DOWN!!!! Wonderful news considering we are hoping for a vaginal delivery. This also explains the increased pressure and discomfort Wren is feeling. Aside from that, she is feeling great. I would say we are 85% totally prepared for their arrival at anytime. The bags are packed and ready to go, car seats are installed and most of the house is in order.

We did run a "mock baby trial" last week for the dogs. We dug the CPR doll out of the basement, affectionately named her Estelle, dressed her up and have been carrying her around trying to get the dogs ready for 2 new babies in the house :)  I think it was a success -- our shepherd mix, Fenway (who is super lax anyway), was excited at first, but quickly became uninterested and laid back down for his nap. Sophie, our high-strung yorkie, was much more curious (and somewhat jealous). I know it doesn't come anywhere near to the real experience, but neither one have ever been around little babies, older kids yes -- but not infants so it will take some adjusting. Below you can see our beautiful little Estelle :)

Sophie meeting Estelle -- She will make a great big sis! 

Hope you're all having a great week, happy hump day!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!!!!

Have a very safe and fun Halloween everyone!!!!!

~Finch, Wren, Baby A and Baby B

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Belly Paintings

Hey ya'll!

Wren and I just returned from a wintery wonderland trip to her hometown for a shower hosted by her family. Thank goodness we were able to have it -- this freak snow storm could have totally through a wrench into the plans, but it all worked out. We had another great shower, and were blessed with lots of great things. More news of that and pics to follow. 

However, right now, I want to talk about Wren's super-cute belly!

Wednesday she mentioned to me that I go to Michael's and buy some paint to paint a pumpkin on her belly for Halloween. Well, I am creative...not artistic. So I immediately text a childhood friend of mine who is a professional face, body and belly painter (what a cool job, right?). She said she was available Thursday afternoon and the following pictures are a result of what happened next:

Fall Harvest Belly

The making of the painting

Finished product, The Woodland Belly with nursery tree in the background

2 owls -- Woot loves ya babies?!

The Spooky Halloween Scene -- Boo!

Baby A and Baby B pumpkins

Have a good night everyone!