Sunday, December 11, 2011

Teaser :)

Hey everyone! Just writing a real quick blog in between feedings, diaper changes and naps :)

Wren and the boys are doing great! We go for a check up in the morning -- hoping the boys were able to maintain and hopefully gain some weight. They are super easy babies and all ready can tell their seperate personalities. When Wren isn't feeding, she is pumping -- and when she isn't pumping she is feeding :)  But, she is committed as all get out to breast feeding -- so on we go.

We have had great support from family and friends. Stopping by, letting us take a nap, shower, bringing us dinner, coming over in the morning and making breakfast.

I know you are still waiting for the birth story, but you're going to have to keep waiting. This Mama does not have it in her to tell it tonight. But, I can leave you with lots of pictures :)

***Also, we are on FB and I am constantly updating for family out of town. If you would like to stay in the loop, email us and we will give our info out to reach us. FB is much quicker and easier and I feel like I have neglected blogger.

Jack hanging out on Mommy

Oliver being handsome, like always

I mean really, how cute are they!!! Sorry, I can't reconfigure the photo to turn it around

Jack's first bath at home -- quack, quack!

Mommy and Jack time -- this picutre melts my heart!

             Oliver's bath time                                                 Another cute duck!

The boys in the outfits Wren's mom gave them and the blanket in the backdrop is one that my mom made them

Best Christmas gifts EVER!!!!!!!!!!!


Finch, Wren, and the boys!


  1. Oh how I just LOOOOOVE this post!!! All the pictures are wonderful (!!!) but I especially love the last one the most. What a beautiful family!!!!!!!!

  2. also, yes, let's be FB friends!!!! Tho i can't seem to find your email address on your page?? Email me your FB info and I'll friend you on FB! (happilymyself (at) gmail!

  3. They are absolutely gorgeous. You two must be so, so happy. Really your wife's face in that one picture just says it all.

  4. So beautiful; this is exactly right. Happy holidays to your gorgeous family of four. And I'd love to be facebook friends! Please do let me know how to find you. :) R.

  5. So beautiful!!!! They are just the cutest little guys. So happy family and friends are helping out but does not surprise me much as that is how people in our area do it :)

  6. It's so lovely to see them. Sweet little boys!

  7. You and the boys all look amazing! They are so cute in those frog jammies! Congrats again!

  8. Beautiful pictures! Congrats again :)

    I commend Wren on being committed to breastfeeding. I really struggled with breastfeeding my twins at the beginning. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have persevered. Nursing my twins has been one of the greatest experiences. At 6 months+, we are still going strong!

  9. Happy to hear things are going well! Your boys are absolutely gorgeous!