Thursday, September 18, 2014

Transfer Day

10:50 am -- Here we are, the day has come (insanely quickly, might I add)!!!! I'm currently sitting in the waiting room while Wren is receiving a pre-transfer acupuncture treatment. Our FET is scheduled at noon. Please be sure to send all your best positive energy, baby-making ju-ju our way. After the FET we will return for a second acupuncture session and then head home for the day. Wren is on a strict warm food only eating plan to provide the most optimal incubation chance for implantation. Pregnancy teas laced with raspberry and goji berries, soups, oatmeal etc.

Incredible to be going through this experience again. We of course are still anxious and semi-nervous, but on a much different level than our previous transfer. Knowing the procedures and expectations has put us more at ease, more comfortable with this process. This. Process. That. Is. Going. To. Create. A. New. Life. A. New. Tiny. Human. To. Add. To. Our. Family.

Again, keep us in your thoughts and we will keep you posted.



  1. Sending you ladies much love and well wishes! Exciting!

  2. Good luck, I'll be thinking of you & sending good ju-ju

  3. Squuueeeee!!!! So excited for you both! Stick baby, STICK!!!! Sounds like you have a great protocol in place for itty bitty little creature growing :)