Sunday, November 9, 2014

Week 10 -- Gummy bears, lemon drops and kumquats.....and other fall happenings

Well friends, we have reached week 10!!! Baby bird trois is measuring normally for week 10, approximately the size of a kumquat.  We had our last appointment with our fertility clinic on 10/31 and have been officially released from their care. We met with our OBGYN last Monday and seem to like the practice. The Dr was calm and laid back. He reviewed Wren's medical papers/history and said in his opinion, the pregnancy was progressing nicely and didn't seem concerned at all with her small subchorionic hematoma. Speaking of which, there has been no bleeding at all this week for 6 days straight (Hellur hallelujer!!!!!). Hitting week 10 also marks a small milestone of NO MORE INJECTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, Wren has been a champ -- over 2 months of intro-muscle injectables, she has literally become a human pin cushion. Whew!

So here is the most recent sonogram picture of our little taken around 8 1/2 weeks. This was taken by our fertility clinic and for some reason they did a 3D scan in which I think little bird is in the adorable gummy bear stage!

In other news -- Wren's nausea has really started kicking in. She is drinking lots and lots (and lots) of lemon water. Also the Dr recommended vitamin B6 and ginger chews. Wren has also sort of adopted her own solution -- lemon drops!  

Fall is officially upon us here in the beautiful mountain state. Seriously, if you have never been to West Virginia in the fall -- it is a MUST! It is Wren and I's most favorite time of the year. Gorgeous scenery, crisp fall mornings and we are those die hard ''pumpkin everything'' enthusiasts! Fall also means PUMPKIN PATCHES!!!! Around here, pumpkin patches are a big deal and we take them very seriously. You don't just go get a pumpkin at the store -- we have at least 6 major farms around us who specialize in fall festivities. Wagon rides, petting zoo, corn mazes, pumpkin chucking, duck races, huge tube slides, you get the picture! And if you don't, well here are some actual pictures of our trip this year:

And here is another of just some normal fall splendor!

Also this month, Baby bird J had to get glasses. Isn't he adorable????!!! The boy said he wanted blue glasses, so blue glasses he got! FYI -- if your child is ever in need of glasses, we highly recommend MIRAFLEX brand. They are completely bendable and thus far, indestructible. Perfect for our on-the-go, rambunctious little guy.

Lastly, fall is perfect because,'s Halloweeeeeeeen! I've gotta say, I think the boys REALLY enjoyed trick or treating this year. Can you guess their costumes?????

Love and happy fall y'all!!!!!


  1. Awwwww the gummy bear stage!!! Way cuter than a kumquat if ya ask me! Yay to 6 days (and hopefully counting) of no bleeding! Yes, seeing WV in the fall is a MUST. Outsiders just do not get it. Mav and Goose look awesome, btw ;)

  2. Thank goodness! I started to get worried not hearing from you. I'm so happy to hear good news!