Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Well, after a 4 day delay...."Aunt flo" came on Sunday afternoon on our way back from our beach vacation in Rehoboth, DE.  I have never been late so I was hopeful that the negative test on Sat am was wrong.
We are both really bummed and disappointed that the third time was not a "charm"   We are going  back to meet with our doc mid-Oct to see what the next step will be and what she recommends.  Until then, more eating healthy, exercise and continuing my acupuncture to keep my stress level down.  BFN suck!!!!  I sometimes think that it may be easier to become pregnant if I was a crack addict - I can't even begin to tell you how many babies I know of are born at our local hospital each week addicted to drugs - I am on the floor one day a week for a part of my job and knowing this just infuriates me.  Gosh, I guess I need to schedule that acupuncture sooner rather than later to de-stress and get recentered.  :( 


  1. Aw, my heart breaks for you two. I had thought about you guys several times over this past two weeks. And I agree about the crack addicts... It seems like everyone that comes in preggo at my hospital is on drugs, ETOH, and part of some domestic violence. IE..the ppl that obviously aren't ready for babies! Life isn't fair! This next cycle will be the one for you!

  2. Sorry to hear about your BFN :( I absolutely share your sentiment about the crack babies. Here are so many wonderful women who do everything possible to create a healthy body to grow a baby and yet still struggle. Then these chicks who couldn't care less about their bodies or their health come along with 5 kids and you're just like "what the heck?"...so unfair.

  3. Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sorry about the BFN. It really breaks my heart everytime I have a BFN. I am currently about 1/2 through my tww and I am not feeling very positive about it. I am trying to stay hopeful though. I hope everything works out for you on your next cycle and you guys get a BFP. Oh and btw I love the proposal pumpkin what a creative idea.

  4. Hi. I just came across your blog. I'm sorry about your recent BFN, but hoping October brings a new plan and some new excitement for you both. Hang in there. Believe me, I know how hard it is.

  5. Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I'm glad you found me. Now I have to catch myself up on your story! :) Best of luck to you with your next try!! Say, where in WVA are you?? I wonder if you're near us!

  6. Hey I just saw your comment on 2C1H. Sorry about your BFN :( My partner & I were doing the odds calculations (we're both sciencey types) and, given that the rate of success with IUI drops precipitously after #4, we had determined if #4 didn't take, we'd take a break (possibly using KD and at-home insems in the meantime) and save up for IVF.

    Odds are largely based on straight couples with fertility issues, however, so this formula is far from "magic"-- but since we were going out of pocket on the IUIs, we calculated that the 4 IUI then IVF things would give us the most bang for *our* buck. (I am also 38, so we didn't have a whole lotta time, either.) Luckily, we didn't have to go to IVF-- #3 worked and we got knocked up on the same day as 2C1H.

    The only other tidbit I would suggest is looking into diagnostics-- have you done and HSG & laparoscopy? Those things can a) independently increase your fertility; and b) let you know if there are any issues you need to treat before trying again. Often these are covered by insurance even when fertility treatments are not, because they are considered diagnostic.

    Good luck to you!

  7. Thanks for the last comment you made. We are so hopeful for a BFP but there are still days that I doubt it will be. Today is day 9 I am trying to hold out until day 12 (Sat) to do a home pregnancy test. As far as insurance goes we were covered for IVF. We are lucky in the state of MA where we both work most big companies must provide some insurance that includes Ivf coverage. We are hoping that you guys get a BFP with your next try. Sending good vibes your way.

  8. So bummed about your negative! Don't give up! It'll happen.

    I found this while we were TTC...

    ***I believe that God only gives 3 answers to prayer:

    1. YES!
    2. Not yet
    3. I have something better in mind

    Don't forget that!


  9. Hello, I too just came across your blog. I'm so incredible sorry about your BFN. Hope October brings lots of luck to you both.

  10. Also just found your blog. So, so sorry about the BFN. Best of luck in the coming months.

  11. It's so funny you say that about being a crack head because I have said the same thing to my gf. It's just so unfair! Don't give up!