Thursday, September 2, 2010

"Good and high in the uterus"

This was the quote from our doctor today who performed our IUI this morning. LMAO! 
Well, yesterday I went for acupuncture and by 5pm the ovulation test was positive with a big ole smiley face thanks to Clear..Blue..Easy testing. I don't know about you guys, but I am WAY over the "one line-two line" testing kits.   I strain my eyes every time trying to determine if their is a "faint" light pink line - this time we bought the expensive, "no-brainer" ovulation tests.  It's all about the little things, right?!  It even helped with my stress level this time.   I did about 15 minutes of meditation last night thanks to You tube and the guided meditation music posted on it.   I drank my raspberry leaf fertili"tea", ate more gogi berries packed into a smoothie with bananas and 2 large scoops of flax seed.  How much folic acid and energy boosting fertility food can one have over the past month?? We had our appointment mid-morning which went well (even with the new doc) - I must say it amazes me how they spend less than 5 minutes in the room doing the procedure and then we end up paying hundreds of dollars....crazy!!! Anyway, Finch drove us to the appointment and then we went to lunch at Panera.  I read this book about fertility foods and it said that after the procedure to drink warm liquids, hot soup, and use a heating compress for 20 minutes a day which will help with implantation, I ordered warm tea and a yummy sandwich.....who knows if it their tips will work or not, but we are willing to try anything for success at this point.   Tomorrow at 7am is round 2 fertility acupuncture followed by our round 2 IUI late morning.   We are off to have a relaxing evening with Red box movies and more hot soup.....did I mention what an amazing chef Finch is?  She is so good and makes us healthy, delicious meals!  We now begin the TWW (two-week-wait.....)  ~Wren  


  1. Oh man, the TWW is so tough! Keeping my fingers crossed! Where do you get your special tea at?

  2. Thanks so much. I posted a new blog with 2 different recipes - I think you would enjoy the book too - it gave me lots of tips on how to improve my fertility through what I eat every day....hoping that it does the trick :)