Monday, May 2, 2011

*2nd Beta - 2730*

The results are in for the 2nd Beta - 2730 - which means a doubling time of 49 hours....right on track!
I have another Beta on Wednesday and then our first ultrasound is scheduled for Wednesday, May 11th at 7:30am!!!!!  Hooray!  We can't wait to see how many babies are in there :)

Thanks for the comments on the nausea - I took lots of snacks to work today and had lots of protein and was only nauseated a few times.... I need to keep some little bags with me in case I can't get to the trash can one of these days! 

So far.... So good!   Happy Monday!!!!!


  1. woot! i'm guessing two babies!!

  2. I was giving my marketing presentation in class and mid-presentation I thought; "I need to finish fast Finch and Wren might have their beta results posted!" lol Congrats again mamas!

  3. What a beautiful beta...can't wait to hear about the u/s!!!

  4. Congrats! What a great number!

  5. ya!! You have a strong babe/babies growing in there!