Sunday, May 1, 2011

Nausea and Family

I need some helpful tips on what helped you with nausea please......

The last two days I have been nauseated 24/7 - I haven't thrown up "yet" but came very close to it in Target waiting in line last night.  I feel better right after I eat but then within about 1 1/2-2 hours it starts again.  It is just a constant feeling of nauseated.

Any favorite things that worked for you?  I have stocked up on ginger snap cookies, wheat crackers, sprite, 7-up and Ginger Ale...

Finch and I just hung the 2nd blind in the nursery a little bit ago.  We have 1 more to buy and install.   She is upstairs doing the final touches on the paint job...I will post some before and after pictures soon as it is still a work in progress. 

We have also been talking about when and how to share the news with our family and friends.  My mom knows we are pregnant but she is the only one so far.  What creative ideas did you do to share it with your loved ones?  We were planning to have a "game night" at our house around 12 weeks along for our friends and play pictionary and  have both teams play along and draw out two girls and a baby/babies and a stroller and see if they would guess it.... we are both "dorks" but wanted to do something fun and have them all together when we announce it.    We have a large community of GLBT friends where we live and are very blessed.  When I first moved back to this area around 2006 my friend and I started having Monday night "margarita night" at the Mexican restaurant.  We started adding a friend here and there and it quickly grew to  a weekly celebration of 12-15 of of our guy friends decided to coordinate a group called the OFF Group which stands for Out for Fun.   The group now has a membership of over 125 people within an hour of our home.  We have different events throughout the year like having a potluck picnic on Monday evenings at our local park and playing sand volleyball. We have game night at different friends homes and a few of our very athletic friends compete in Triathlons in the area.  We all went to Rehoboth Beach, DE last year to watch them compete.  It was a blast!  They regularly run 5K and 10K races (they ran one yesterday) and we go along to cheer them on....  we enjoy biking along the C&O canal that goes from Harpers Ferry, WV to D.C. and they meet up on Wednesday evening to ride their "road bikes" all over our town and the country roads.  There are 4 lesbian couples we know that all have children and we have 2 sets of friends who are also trying to conceive right now.  We joke around and said were going to start a "lesbian mommies group" once we all end up pregnant.  lol.  At least we can trade off babysitting services once in awhile.  Finch is a little nervous about telling her parents we are pregnant - her dad is a Church of the Brethern Minister (more liberal than Mennonite) and it took them awhile to come around after she told them she was gay and that we were partners.  They didn't come to our wedding shower and really haven't acknowledged our wedding although we sent out wedding announcements to all of our family and friends.  Her parents are very sweet and think of me as their daughter now  but it just took some time. We went to Martha's Vineyard just the two of us and got married with the lady minister and hired an amazing photographer Alison Shaw or to capture our special day.  Alison and her wife live on the Vineyard along with their 2 children. Their anniversary day is the same day that we were getting married and her wife was gracious enough to let us steal her away for 2 hours in the morning to capture our wedding.  We were married in Edgartown, MA on the beach by the Edgartown lighthouse at 10am on Thursday, May 21, 2009.  We picked May 21st because it was my grandparents anniversary day also and they were married for 67 years so we thought it would be good luck. 

I guess the same can be said for my father and step-mom as for Finch's parents.  They are great with us now but in the beginning it was a little rocky.  We are uncertain as to how they will react to the thought of us having a baby/babies.  Personally I don't care how they react - I think they will all be just fine. I have no problem telling them to deal with it and get over themselves if we get anything less than a "Congratulations" and "Let's celebrate" attitude.  Life is too short to not live your life to the fullest and we are very excited to become parents.  They will not rain on our big gay parade!!! lol.

My mom is one of our biggest supporters.  She is happy that I am happy and treats Finch just like her daughter.  Finches mom treats me like her daughter now too and takes me shopping on my birthday and hugs and kisses me right along with Finch - I think it will all be just fine.  I know our friends are going to be very, very excited. They know that we were trying the IUI route and were thinking of IVF but we never confirmed with anyone exactly when we were having the procedures. It was just less stress and pressure that way so we didn't have someone asking  - did it work? are you pregnant? etc.  After several failed IUI attempts it was just emotionally exhausting to get one more BFN.  I have to be honest that at times it has even been difficult to be a part of the blogging community and to see others have success when we were still patiently waiting for "our time" to come....  I am glad that we are on our way to becoming mommies now but understand the heartache and frustration of being a lesbian and going through this whole journey to become a parent.    It will all be worth it in the end.


  1. My #1 tip for nausea is this: THROW UP! Seriously. I fought it for a few weeks until one day I just didn't have a choice, and I felt SO much better! I know it seems weird (and I was on the street the first time I puked) but seriously, I felt fine afterward. I never found anything that made it go away completely, but throwing up really helped. Sadly we are the least creative people on the planet, so I've got nothing in the how-to-tell department. But I love the pictionary idea!

  2. I'm jealous of your big gay group of friends! We have some here in town, but nothing like the posse you talk about! I have no creative ideas, either, but I hope that everyone is just as excited as they should be. If not, they'll come around, but I'm crossing my fingers for you that they've already decided to just take what comes and react the way you hope they will.

  3. Nausea; been there done that! Eat often! And I mean every other hour. (I actually lost weight during my nauseaus period, despite of eating around the clock). Citrus fruits helped me, I was constantly munching on mandarines, clemetines etc. Popsicles helped for a while. Sugar, being tired or stressed made it worse. Avoid anything that triggers nausea; smells, sights (seeing cheese made me want to barf for some reason) even sounds. And no matter how bad it gets; it usually passes after approx 12-14 weeks!

  4. i'm with nicole. throw up. i didn't and i was just miserable for months.

  5. I agree, let it go. It makes you feel better! Also, apple juice has really helped me, and lots of snacks!

  6. Try Sea Bands!! They were on my wrists 24/7 for the first 16 weeks. For me I could not drink anything carbonated, it made me too burpy which made me feel sick. I drank a lot of lemon water.

  7. Eating small amounts constantly helped me to some extent. And icy water. I just couldn't get water cold enough, even if I added ice to it.
    Oh, and yes, do carry a bag at all times. I had a plastic bread bag hidden inside a paper mushroom bag from the grocery store in my bag at all times just in case I puked. Actually I think I still have one in my bag. I also made sure that last time we flew we took a few bags from the plane.

  8. I was the the unforunate queen of nausea and throwing up. My tricks were sea-bands--I wore them for 7 months! Also, lemon starbursts and cherry limades from Sonic (I would buy bags of starbursts and pick out all the lemon ones!) Anything sour helped me like crazy. I also had to finally crave in and get multiple Rx's for serious nausea (especially with the OHSS symptoms) and zophran was a miracle.