Sunday, September 25, 2011

And you thought twins were rough...

This proud Momma has 11 little piglets to look after -- Whew! Newborn pigs courtesy of our local farmer's market.

Wren also painted her nails this weekend in the spirit of gender-guessing. I opted for toenails instead :) 

Pic of us last night at the babies first concert -- our friend had a house concert. The babies LOVED it! Make sure you check out the band -- Mama's Black Sheep!

~Finch and Wren


  1. I couldn't even imagine 3 babies, let alone 11! (Although many people tell me that they couldn't imagine having 2!)

    Very cute fingers and toes!

  2. wow, you look fantastic. I read sometimes, but i have been pre-occupied in my own creating to check up on you. the nursery looks wonderful!!