Saturday, September 17, 2011

24 weeks with TWINS

It has been way too long since we have posted.   This week we are 24 weeks along.
The babies have been kick, kick, kicking all day long and especially around 9pm at night.
  • Finch made a "Twin play list" for them and put on my Ipod so they have been listening daily to a variety of music from our wide genre of all time favorites....Indigo Girls, Dixie Chicks, Eva Cassidy, Pink, John Legend, Frank Sinata, James Taylor, Billie Holiday, KD Lang, Alicia Keys, George Gershwin, Dave Matthews, Ella Fitzgerald, Ray LaMontagne and Diana Krall just to name a few.
  • Our last full body ultrasound was at 22 weeks and the babies were 1 lb 2oz and 1 lb 3oz, a week ahead of schedule.  Their heartbeats have changed and Baby A is now 122 and Baby B is at 144.
  • We had a new ultrasound tech and before we could even say hello - she walks in the room and says, "So you're having a boy and a girl, right?" We looked at her and I said, "Gosh, we have no idea because we aren't planning on finding out!" She said, "oh, ok, I will stay away from those areas so you don't get a peek."  WTF!  So we aren't sure if she looked at the chart before she walked in the room or if she was just trying to make conversation. Either way - she is an idiot! 
  • I have developed terrible sciatic and S1 pain on my left side. I started physical therapy 2 weeks ago after I woke up and couldn't walk down the stairs until I iced my left hip.  Finch to the rescue - she got me an ice pack and then helped me get dressed because I could barely lift my left leg without screaming in pain.   Needless to say it looks like the chiropractor and now the physical therapist will be getting lots of business from us until we deliver. 
  • We bought 2 new chocolate brown recliners - one for our bedroom for me to nurse in (with the twin breastfeeding pillow) and one downstairs in our living room for us to rock in and enjoy during the daytime. I must admit I have been sleeping in it for the first half of the night. Our bed does not have good support and I can barely walk in the morning if I sleep in the bed all night long.
  • Finch has been a rock star getting our house "projects" done - moved the bookshelves to the basement, installed a new shelf in the laundry room, put up 2 new fire alarms, cleaned out the summer flower pots to get us ready for FALL mums :)
  • Finch's employer will not allow her to use her SICK leave for maternity leave. She can only use her personal and vacation time which is extremely frustrating.  We have contacted a local employment lawyer to find out more about what legal rights she has regarding leave time since our State (WV) does not recognize our marriage license from Massachusetts.  to be continued.... 
Last but certainly not least....a few pictures to share with you.... we finished decorating the walls in the nursery today :)  Love our Woodland Animals theme!

Wren - 24 week "bump" - I looks like I am carrying a baby dinosaur! :)

New Nursery design with a crib on each side of the room

Mr. Bear, Baby Bear, Mr. Owl and their Zebra friend sitting on top of the bookshelf

This was my mirror when I was a little girl - so blessed to be able to use in our twin nursery!
2 birds of a feather flock together.....

The tree in the corner where the glider will be going

Crib #1

Crib #2


  1. Nursery is SO CUTE! And shame on that tech! I don't know why they assume they should just talk before asking--ask every time! Also, is Finch's employer big enough that she gets FMLA? Under the new rules (put out by the president) she can use it as she will be taking a parental role. So she can have up to 12 weeks unpaid leave. It's not as good as sick time, but it would be better than nothing, for sure!

  2. WV is not very same sex employee rights friendly! When my mother passed away my wife had to take sick time because she was not entitled to the Family Death Leave Time even though one of her co-workers was granted the same time when her EX-husband's father is so frustrating!

  3. Ughhh, stupid tech! So sorry that happened. Great photos though!! The nursery looks adorable :)

  4. The nursery looks so cute! I love that you were able to use your mirror in there. We have wall decals in The Bean's nursery too. They're fantastic.

    Sorry to hear taking leave seems like it will be a struggle. I hope it all works out.

    Also Ugh! re. the ultrasound tech. Ours were actually really good about that sort of thing, but we also wanted to know, so it wouldn't have been a problem anyway. I wonder if yours was even right about the sexes. I guess it'll be about four more months until we find out for sure!

  5. SO happy to read this sweet post and see your gorgeous nursery! That's a happy, happy space for two blessed little babies. (P.S. I'm disgusted re: Finch's employer. I hope y'all find your way to a less bullshit answer. That one's just plain bigoted.) rlg.

  6. I started getting sciatic pain as well, but my visits to the chiropractor did wonders! Have you ever tried acupuncture? I swear by it! I also used it to induce labour. While it didn't cause me to go into labour, I think that it helped shorten my labour/delivery (6 hours total!).