Thursday, July 19, 2012

7 Months of Bliss

I know, I know -- we have become terrible bloggers. It's just sooooo hard to find the time. Several of you have been on my mind lately and I miss the "blog-family", even though several of you follow along on FB. We would like to share some updates on the boys.

Oliver and Jack are growing so fast, it's hard to imagine how very small they were at birth. They are both amost 20 lbs, eating like horses and Wren has still been able to keep up with breastfeeding. They are happy, giggling, squealing,  babbling, jumping, so loving and almost crawling little beings of emense energy. So here are the past 7 months in pictures:

Newborn: December

Sweet, sweet snuggling boys

One Month: January

Mommy with her handsome men

Hanging out with Mama

2 Months: Feburary

Oliver grinning because he loves his Mommy

Our Valentine's

Little owls that have blessed our nest!

Getting stronger with tummy time

3 Months: March

St Patty's Day pics -- Yes we REALLY did dress them like leprachans!


Me wee little lad, Jack

This is one of my favorite earlier pics of Oliver

Jack with his flirty smile

4 Months: April

Oliver getting some snuggle time with Mama

Play time in the play yard that has taken over the living room :)

The boys in their Easter suites, looking very dapper

Snuggle bunny Oliver

Cuddle bunny Jack

5 Months: May

Celebrating our first Mother's Day with a picnic in the park


Oliver and "sophie"

Memorial day -- first time at the pool

Mama and Oliver

Mommy and Jack

Aunt Julie with the boys

Mama and Jack

Mommy and Oliver

6 Months: June
AKA -- DC Pride

Big boys sitting in their high chairs

First time staying in a hotel -- living up the luxuries. Room service in bed!

Mommy and boys at Dupont Circle

Getting ready for the Pride parade -- Oliver and Jack made some shiney new friends

Mommy and Oliver sharing a moment

Our beautiful family

Proud Mama

We marched in the DC parade this year with Rainbow Families. The boys were a big hit -- here Wren is marching and waving to the crowd.

After the parade, the boys were so happy and proud

I love this pic!
Back home in WV. We took a small hike one afternoon.

7 Months: July

Oliver and Jack love playing with each other

Oliver, a budding pianist!

Jack's dashing smile

Oliver and Jack -- best buds

Mama and Oliver

Mama and Jack

Oliver with the flowers

Jack with the flowers

Brothers -- "I always got your back, bro."

Mommy and her boys

My world :)

Oliver loves the grass

Oliver (left) Jack (right)

Love his potato face smile!

Mommy and Jack

Mommy playing with Oliver

the boys knocked out from great-grandma's house. She wore them out!

The boys make their first field appearence!



Mama and Oliver in game day gear

7 months has seemed to just fly by. We are so smitten by our little guys. Now that you are all caught up, here's hoping we can get back into blogging and keep you up to date with all the joy filling our lives.

 You may ask -- how do they do it with twins?? It's simple really.....COFFEE! Some days are rough, but we can't imagine our life any different. Every day is a joy, even if it starts at 6am --- at least they have smiling faces that early. Wren and I's relationship is stronger than ever. It has to be, otherwise everything would collapse. We work very well as a team.

Thank you to all who have emailed, commented, given your support etc during our blog absence. We hope you are all doing well and hope to hear from you soon again!


Finch, Wren, Oliver and Jack


  1. Hi there! Your pics are amazing! You made me cry! I have been following your journey and you both are amazing parents! I just went through a failed IVF cycle but I am jumping right back on the train. Your posts have been very useful!

  2. What spectacular little boys. You have a beautiful family :)

  3. So great to see you back! I've been interested if you would be since I just gave birth to twin boys two months ago ... always nice to keep up on other twin moms, see how we all get through it. LOL ... They're adorable!

  4. Your boys are just adorable amd it looks like you have so much fun with them! Good to see ya back!

  5. You have no idea how happy this post made me. You have been GREATLY missed in blogland. is helpful to keep in touch, but compared to the blog, it is a lot like the "a tied game is like kissing your sister" analogy from baseball...just not the same :)

    PS-LOVE that J and O have made their first trips to the field!

  6. What a great post of updates and pictures - thanks so much for sharing! This is so BIZARRE because I was just thinking of your family of 4 just yesterday afternoon and wondering how you were doing. Everytime I see little owls I think of you gals so it was cool to see your blog show up in my readings this morning. Wonderful the boys are doing great...the hair on Jack is amazing and the smiles on them both..awesome! Way to go moms!

  7. I just came across your blog and I wanted to leave a little note. Your boys are so beautiful! You are so blessed with such a wonderful little family!