Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First County Fair

Ahhhhh, the county fair -- a symbol of summer around these parts. Every August, kids around the county bring out their animals they spent all year raising and show them. Last year when Wren and I went, the boys were still in utero and were still only affectionately known as Baby A (who we were convinced was a GIRL) and Baby B. So this year, we headed out to give the boys their first fair experience and to see the animals.

Oliver introducing himself to Mr. Ed the Horse


Oliver and Jack debate which came first -- the egg or these laying hens

Wren explaining to the boys this is also where milk comes from :)

Oliver and Finch

Baa, baa, shaved sheep -- what happened to your wool?

Hanging out with the Jersey cows

All in all I think they had a good time checking everything out. Next year will be a different story with them wanting to touch everything I'm sure.

In other news, we will be taking our first official family vacation the end of this week. We are packing up and heading to Va Beach. Wren and I are very much looking forward to getting away and relaxing. As well as seeing how the boys react to their first beach experience.

Also, I haven't even gotten to write about our adoption process..... Oddly enough, WV is one of the few states that allows second parent adoption for same-sex couples. We have several friends in the immediate area that have all gone through the process without a glitch. And of course, that's not how the dice rolled for us, but it all seems to be working out. Luck of the draw, we ended up with a judge who requested either an in-home study or a letter from our minister. Now mind you, none of our other friends had either of those requests. There is apparently no exact protocol or guideline to follow, it is all the judges' discretion. So, thank goodness, we have a church we occasionally attend and our minister wrote a letter of recommendation -- along with about 5 other members of the church and a very large letter campaign from friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. We handed our attorney about 50 letters (over-kill?? Maybe, but it got the point across to the judge) for the judge, all in favor of our adoption. That was almost a month ago and we have been on pins and needles ever since...waiting to see if the judge accepted them or will now still require the home study. Well...we just got new yesterday of our court date for September 17th!!!!! So it looks like it's all a goooooooo!!!!!

Leaving you on that positive note! Hope you're all having a great week.

Finch, Wren, Oliver and Jack


  1. Adorable! (And nice to see you back to blogging... at least occasionally!)

  2. Cute pics of the boys! Can't believe how big they are already! Love that you provided the judge with 50 letters! Good luck on the 17th and have fun on your family vacation!

  3. I never got around to commenting on your last past. SO glad you guys are back in blogland! Missed you! The boys are getting so big!

    We love the fair! A trip (or 2) to the State Fair is a must for us each year! Love it! Gracie's been going even since she was still "baking in the oven"!

    Congrats on the upcoming adoption. How great is that!? I so wish we had that here in VA but nope...not happening.

    A vacation to VA Beach? Woot! We're in Williamsburg so be sure to slow down, honk, and "holler" out the window as you drive thru!

    Again, so glad you're back!

  4. Hi! I know you guys don't blog much these days but I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your journey :). Your blog actually inspired me to start a blog myself and for that reason I've nominated you guys for a Liebster blog award! If you want to participate you can go to my blog and follow the instructions, but given you have two little ones to chase after these days you might not have the time for that! Either way, just know that your blog has inspired and continues to inspire others :)