Saturday, March 26, 2011

Countdown to IVF

Tomorrow is my last BCP and I have a 7:15am appt for bloodwork and the first ultrasound on Monday morning. Meds will start on Monday too - woohoo!!!!! Looking forward to getting this show on the road - Finch is working til midnight tonight so I worked on putting masking tape up in the nursery.  We are going to start priming the room tomorrow... I want us to finish painting it in the next week so I don't have to breathe any paint fumes during the pregnancy.  Ok, I have a question - I have a chip out of one of my fillings - should I get this fixed in the next week with an emergency dental appointment or should I just try to wait it out and hope that all is good for the next 10 months or so?  I am worried about the pain medicine they use since we are less than 15 days away from retrieval.....any thoughts??


  1. if i remember correctly, there was some medicine that v was able to take while pregnant, but they confirmed with her ob first. i say call and make the appt first thing tomorrow, ask about what sort of medicines you may be given, then ask the RE if it's ok. if not, cancel the appt. but i think you'll be good.

    so exciting to be so close! GL!

  2. I'd try to get it taken care of now--pregnancy is hard on women's teeth, so it might be better to just have it done and not worry (as long as the meds are ok, of course). So excited for you!!