Sunday, March 20, 2011

How many meds does it take to make a baby???

We just got all of the meds we need for our 1st IVF cycle....Hooray!!!!
I can't believe how many meds we need to make a baby - unbelievable!  We have put all our eggs (literally) into one basket by trying an IVF round. We went through Fertility Finance
(who we would highly recommend) to fund our upcoming IVF procedure and 1/2 the cost of the meds.
Over the past year and half after multiple tries from home, 3 rounds at the doctor's office and now our upcoming IVF cycle....we will have spent over $22,500 so far without insurance.  Ugh.  That is depressing to put into writing.

Plan B will be to try a frozen round or two depending on how many "frosties" we get from IVF.   I don't think we realized what an added emotional strain it has been trying to finance starting a family.  I worked 2 jobs last year and my wife has continued to work 2 jobs since last year.  She is an amazing woman. We will have our retrieval/transfer in April and are very excited and feel very blessed to have made it to this point in our fertility journey.

I am extremely jealous that some insurance companies actually understand the struggles women face with fertility while our insurance covers absolutely nothing.  While the President is working on this Health Care Reform, I would like to see universal coverage for fertility treatment for everyone regardless of your job.  If I wasn't already 36 going on 37 I would have considered switching careers the past 2 years just to get IVF coverage.


  1. How exciting! A little overwhelming though, huh? Don't worry, in two days you guys will be pros :-)

  2. That is a big pile of medicine! I hope that it works on the first round for you two!

  3. Holy meds! Who would of thought it takes so much to make a baby... it will all be SO worth it!!

  4. Good luck with your IVF cycle! If I had to do it all over again, I would have done IVF from the beginning. Anything else seems like such a crap-shoot.