Monday, June 27, 2011

Little Heartbeats

Today we heard our babies heartbeats for the first time!  AMAZING!!!
We met with our new doctor today and we really, really liked her.  Thank goodness.
We started out first with the ultrasound (see pics below) - Today we are 12 weeks, 6 days and the babies are both measuring 13 weeks, 1 day so they are growing - hooray!  When I weighed in this morning I was only up 1 pound from 4 weeks ago.  So much for the other 2 pounds I gained last week. Ugh. The doc said that was just fine with my weight that most of her multiple patients aren't able to gain much the first 12 weeks because of nausea.  She said  that I do need to stick to eating a 3000 calories a day plan though. She said she doesn't like "fake calories" from Ensure and Boost drinks that i need to eat "real food" with lots of fruits and vegetables and protein.  She also told me that I can return to my "spin class" at the Wellness Center. She said she would prefer I continue my spin class than to walk for 30 minutes because it is less impact. So spin class and swimming it will be then :)  She also corrected our last doctor and our due date - she said that there is no reason I can't make it to 38 weeks and so our goal date is now December 20th!!!!  Santa will be delivering them on his sleigh to us this year.  WOW!  We also told the ultrasound tech we do NOT want to know what we are having and she said that it was very rare that couples with twins usually always want to know.....we told her NO WAY - we want to be surprised!  We go back on July 25th for another full scan and measurements, etc and then we will start seeing the doctor every 2 weeks for the remainder of our pregnancy.   She also said she prefers vaginal deliveries which made me SUPER excited because I really, really want to to try for a natural birth and avoid a C-section. I guess it will determine how the babies are positioned but we are holding out hope for a regular delivery.

Baby A - Heartbeat 148 - waved to us this morning on the ultrasound screen - we were both
in awe!

Baby B - Heartbeat 152 - beat its little fist on the sac and kicked and jumped around on the ultrasound
this morning - Amazing  - I can't wait to feel them moving around inside me soon!


  1. I love your doctor! I really hope they say the same things to us.

  2. Really amazing! How exciting for a due date right around ours...xmas babies :)

  3. Sounds amazing--heartbeats, good ultrasounds, reassuring doctors, and all! Glad you had a good appointment!

  4. That is so wonderful. You have such wonderfully strong little chicks :) You have no idea how quickly this will go... Enjoy every heartbeat, every ultrasonic wiggle! They will be pounding wooden spoons on your pots and pans before you know it!

  5. Adorable pictures and hooray for 12 weeks. Doctor sounds great!

  6. Those little ones are darling! How exciting that you want to be surprised on their birthday!

  7. The first time I heard our little one's heartbeat I teared up. It's such a fantastic sound.