Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sending love and prayers to Mommies Making Miracles

Please take a moment to stop by and send your love and prayers to Laurie and Heather at  - Their son Parker passed away today due to complications of a premature birth at 27 weeks. His twin brother, Zachary continues to fight and grow stronger each day.
My heart is heavy and am beyond words with the loss they have experienced today. 

Finch and I are only 6 weeks behind them and I pray that our babies stay safe and continue baking in the oven until December 20th at 38 weeks.

Love and Prayers going out to Laurie and Heather and your families.



  1. Ugh, I just saw this on Heather's blog. Devastating. Totally and completely devastating.

    Sending extra "stay pregnant" vibes to you gals :)

  2. Just checking in on you guys. I realize there could be a thousand reasons for radio silence. We've just wondered how you're doing as you face the middle part of this pregnancy, especially in terms of L & H's sad loss. Hope all is going well for you four. RLG