Tuesday, October 11, 2011

28 weeks and counting...

Below is a collection of some of our favorite shots over the past month - October is one of our favorite months of the year!!!
  • The ultrasound pictures are from our 26 week scan - Baby A was 2 lbs. 5 oz and Baby B was 2 lbs. We had another quick scan yesterday and  heart rates were 140 and 133.  Baby B has now flipped and is breech while Baby A has remained head down.  BP was 116/64 and I PASSED the glucose tolerance test!!!!!  I was SO EXCITED!!!! Doc said I passed with flying colors and she was giving me an A+. 
  • I have continued Physical Therapy twice a week and my sciatic pain is practically gone although I wish I could say the same for the pelvic pain and pressure when I walk. 
  • We went to my hometown last weekend for the Mountain State Forest Festival and had a great time - funnel cake, ribbon fries, corn dogs, and rainbow snowball treats.  Yes, I do know that hot dogs may contain deadly Lysteria - Finch posted the corndog picture to her facebook page and we received a firestorm about how I should NOT be eating corn dogs. I have one a year and it is deep fried so the risk of infection was minimal.
  • We went to a Breastfeeding class at our local hospital and it was terrific! I would highly recommend everyone take a class - we learned so much!!
  • We are off on our Baby Moon this Thurs-Sat for some R&R and then my mom is coming to visit next week and we have back to back weekends of Baby Showers! Can't wait!!!!
  • Only 7-10 more weeks to go......
  • Happy October everyone!

28 week belly - at my mom's house for the Forest Festival

28 week "bump" aka. I say it looks like baby dinosaurs in my belly. LOL.

Baby B - 26 week scan

Baby B - 26 week scan

Baby A - 26 week scan

Baby B sucking his/her thumb at 26 weeks

Grandma and Wren - October 8, 2011
Finch and Wren - Forest Festival Oct 2011

Sophie Ann keeping the babies warm on our ride home

Wren and the delicious snowball - yummo!

Wren and the Festival Corn dog  (**yes, I know that hot dogs may contain Lysteria)


  1. I think you are SAFE with the corndog ;) By the way, I just totally figured out what part of the state you are from and I have a ton of friends that live around there, way small world!!!

  2. Looks like lots of fun and Wren is looking GREAT! The pic of Wren with the pooch looks like our car rides...we have 2 dogs and D (chihuahua) must always sit on the drivers lap and M (italian greyhound) prefers the passenger on a pillow. How cute!

  3. Everyone has to get there input in! Sheesh. I think you're okay with ONE corndog. I mean, seriously.

    Looks like you gals had fun and the babes are cooking nicely in there :)

  4. G eats cold cuts any chance she gets...so I say enjoy the corndog!