Sunday, October 30, 2011

Belly Paintings

Hey ya'll!

Wren and I just returned from a wintery wonderland trip to her hometown for a shower hosted by her family. Thank goodness we were able to have it -- this freak snow storm could have totally through a wrench into the plans, but it all worked out. We had another great shower, and were blessed with lots of great things. More news of that and pics to follow. 

However, right now, I want to talk about Wren's super-cute belly!

Wednesday she mentioned to me that I go to Michael's and buy some paint to paint a pumpkin on her belly for Halloween. Well, I am creative...not artistic. So I immediately text a childhood friend of mine who is a professional face, body and belly painter (what a cool job, right?). She said she was available Thursday afternoon and the following pictures are a result of what happened next:

Fall Harvest Belly

The making of the painting

Finished product, The Woodland Belly with nursery tree in the background

2 owls -- Woot loves ya babies?!

The Spooky Halloween Scene -- Boo!

Baby A and Baby B pumpkins

Have a good night everyone!


  1. hee! suuuuper cute paintings :)

  2. Wow that's some professional work. Very cool.

  3. Awwwww so ADORABLE!!! Great job!! Glad you guys were able to have the baby shower in our Winter Wonderland ;)

  4. These are amazing! I especially adore the cats by the moon! I haven't commented lately, but I've been thinking about you four, and sending lots and lots of strong, LONG third trimester vibes! Happy thirty weeks! RLG

  5. What a great idea!!!! Wren you look great!!! The woodland scene is too cute!!! :)

  6. Wow! Your friend did a really good job! Very cute pictures.

  7. Those are amazing! What a unique idea :)

  8. How cute! I was thinking of doing the same to Gs belly but don't think the outcome would be as great as yours :)

  9. So much fun! I love the matching nursery shot!