Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Week 30 update

First of all, THANK YOU for all of the continued prayers and well wishes.

Let me "rewind" first...Last Tues I ended up at L&D with contractions so I worked from home the rest of the week to REST.  I continued having contractions on Wed and Thurs but woke up Friday feeling much better. My mom comes to visit a couple times a year and she arrived on Friday. We had our 1st Babies Shower on Saturday (pictures to follow below) and had over 50+ of our friends and family that came to shower us with love.  Needless to say it was so much fun and we received a ton of diapers and gifts from our registries and I was exhausted after it was over. I was thankful to come home to my recliner. Oh, how I love my recliner! :)

I am so thankful for my mom's visit and her help with sorting items and washing all of the clothes/cloth diapers/blankets, etc.  We have it all put away into either cubes in the nursery or into plastic bins.  We celebrated my mom's 60th birthday on Sunday - she can't wait to be a Grandma again - my nephew (the only grandchild) is 16 years old so it has been a looong time since there has been any babies around.

Ok, fast forward to Monday morning. I woke up and was having some sharp pains and contractions. Our full growth scan was scheduled for 8:30am. I was so afraid that the Doc would send me to the hospital and they would keep me that I had a small meltdown before we left the house...oh the joys of pregnancy hormones X 2. LOL.   We took my mom with us to the ultrasound and she was very excited.

We always see the ultrasound tech first and both babies weighed in at 3 lbs. 4ozs. at 29 wk, 6 days. They are 1-2 weeks ahead of schedule on their weight. The doctor said my uterus is measuring at 40 weeks right now and I will continue to have contractions, so it didn't even phase her that I woke up cramping or was having sharp little pains.  I was relieved that she didn't put me on Procardia on a daily basis to decrease/stop the contractions because it gave me a nasty headache at the hospital. She measured my cervix and it is still at 4.62 and is showing no signs of early labor.  BP was 116/57 and she told me I was a "champ" and that the babies look great!  The heartbeats were 153 for Baby A (still head down) and 132 (still breech) for Baby B.  The ultrasound tech had a slip of the tongue and when showing us the face of Baby A - she said, "here is "her" little nose" - lol.  Neither of us said a word but we all heard her say "her" - hmm...our guess is still one girl, one boy.  That is our final answer...so we will see.  Doc told me I need to REST and cut my hours back so I am going to work partial days at my office and then come home and work from home the rest of the time.  She gave us our "drop dead" date that she wouldn't let us go beyond and that is December 21st.  In the event that we don't go into labor before then and need a c-section (due to positioning) she scheduled us for one at 8am on December 21st which means we would be coming home on Christmas Eve :)  We reviewed our Birth Plan with her and the hospital already called to do our pre-registeration, so we are as ready as we can be...so hard to believe!!!!

We are off to my hometown on Friday for our last Babies Shower with my family and a few friends - we are only staying overnight one night though and right back in case anything changes so we can be close to the hospital.  So for now we are just taking it day to day and praying that the contractions stay light and pain free and that we make it til at least Nov 30th (35 weeks) but hopefully to the finish line at 38 weeks.   

Below is a few pictures from our Babies Shower :)

Finch, Auntie Julie (one of the Shower Hosts) and Wren

Wren at 29 wk, 5 days and Auntie Dena (the other Shower Host)

Finch's Boston Red Sox Diaper Cake made by Auntie Julie

Our friends and families

Stroller and Car Seast ready - check!

Our collection of diapers from the shower :)

The jungle themed diaper cake made by Auntie Jodi

The Woodlands Diaper Cake made by Auntie Julie

Showered with L.O.V.E. - before being organized

Our Dining Room after organzing into storage tubs and clearing out the boxes

All of the clothes, bath and bedding put away into cubes (the other one is on the other side of the nursery)


  1. Glad the babies are staying put. Aren't you two excited with all the baby stuff?! I keep looking at everything in amazement.

  2. That's a ton of stuff! So glad youre still at home and they are still cooking. Email me! I lost your email since im not on Facebook. Hope.Cochran@Verizon.net

  3. So happy to see your blog in my string this morning and with good news that the babies are still hanging out and staying warm. Bummer on the mini contractions but YEAH that they are not a surprise to the Doc. Those diaper cakes are so fun! LOVE IT! Fingers crossed till at least Nov. 30th :)

  4. Looks like your shower was a great time. You definitely got lots of amazing stuff! Boppy pillows were used all day long in those early days!
    A random tip: We absolutely loved the Halo Sleep Sacks. We could never get the girls swaddled quite right - they'd always get out of it. I wish someone had told us about the sleep sacks sooner!

    So happy to hear that the babies are staying in there!

  5. Sounds like you are quite the champ! With my twins I had contractions on and off starting at about 17 weeks. It can be quite scary but it sounds like things are going swimmingly for you. Hang in there and take advantage of working from home - i loved to sneak in little cat naps in the afternoon when i could.