Wednesday, August 24, 2011

21 weeks and Belly Shots

Update: We are 21 weeks along yesterday - Finch and I went to visit my family last weekend and had a great time. My sister came in from OH and we had a great time catching up - we haven't seen each other in about 2 years.  She is also a lesbian but not out to our family.  My mom was so excited to see me - it was nice to visit for a few days!  Finch and I is doing great  - with the exception of me trying to walk.  Walking is painful and causes a lot of pressure - If I walk around a store for more than 30 minutes or so I am in pain and can't wait to sit down. I ordered the Prenatal Cradle a few weeks ago but I wasn't crazy with the straps across my chest so I picked up the Medella Maternity Support Belt and LOVE it!  Because of the pain (feeling like I have been riding a horse for two days) and pressure, I went for a unplanned doctors check up last Tuesday to make sure everything was ok.  The Nurser Practitioner said everything looked great, cervix long and closed and no infections. Heartbeats were 144 and 138.  She said not to walk anymore than I have to and to wear my support belt each day which I have been doing.  I have to give kudos to other moms out there who have delivered or are carrying twins - it isn't for wimps!  The NP also said to keep up the water aerobic and water yoga class because the pool was the best place for me be right now. I have gained 13 pounds so far although I swear my belly feels more like it is 30 pounds!  I felt one of the babies kick for the first time two nights ago. Pretty amazing!  They start moving a lot around 9pm.

Finch continues to be an awesome wife and partner. I put together a "Honey-Do" list for her and one for me of tasks to accomplish before the babies arrive - she has knocked off about 6 or 7 items already!!!  Rock star!  We bought 2 Espresso Storage Cubicles today which we are going to use instead of a dresser.  Each one holds 6 cubes/baskets and we are going to put labels on each one with for their clothes.  We want to fit a Glider in the corner and a large piece of furniture on the other wall will crowd the glider. The nursery is still a work in progress. We go this Saturday for our Child Birth Education Class and to tour the Mother/Baby Unit at the hospital - can't wait!  I need to start preparing ahead of time for my leave from work - I have a "to-do" list there of stuff that I don't want to leave up in the air and grant applications and reports that will be do while I'm out.  I am going to try my best to do them ahead of time.  I will at least make a good faith effort. haha. Thankfully my nausea has mostly gone away - the reflux remains but Zantac helps a lot too.  I also bought 2 of the best pregnancy items so far - the Bobby Belly Wedge and a generic triangle wedge for my back.  LOVE them!!!! They make sleeping so much easier. We don't have room for a big body pillow and they are light and portable. I take one and put behind my back in the car and then use in on my desk chair at work.  We are also planning for our Baby Moon in October - not sure where we are headed yet but looking at places within 3 hours from home for some R&R together. 

***Please keep the ladies over at Mommies Makin Miracles  in your thoughts and prayers. They are 26 weeks along with twins and one of the babies sac started leaking fluid and she is hospitalized now.  Stop by and give them some words of encouragement.

Below is some belly pics from last week - enjoy!   ~ Wren

20 weeks

20 weeks with Sophie our Yorkie

Mommies-to-be at 20 weeks


  1. you're already more than halfway there, I can't believe it! And looking awesome to boot!

  2. yay! half way (well, less than half if they're "typical" twins!). very exciting. you're looking great!

  3. Look at that beautiful belly!!!! Those babies are cooking right along!