Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Belly Shot at 18 weeks

Here we are at 19 weeks along today.  One word can describe how I feel - achy.  After walking only an hour around Babies R Us today, my belly and back were aching. Of course I didn't wear the Prenatal Cradle so I guess it is my fault.  New highlights from week 18 would be round ligament pain and tired, very tired this week.  I have certainly taken my fair share of naps and gone to bed really early.  Finch and I continue to organize the house and try to get things more in order. It is coming along. We finally finished the invite lists for our baby showers  - one on Oct. 22nd and the other on Oct. 29th.  We are going to my hometown next weekend because my sister is coming in from Ohio. We haven't seen each other in almost 2 1/2 years. Crazy!!!  She is a workaholic though and I am never in town when she has been to visit which is always for only a day or two...can't wait to see her!!!!  Here is a picture from the Belly Shot last Tuesday - at week 18.  I told Finch that my belly looks as BIG as it feels. I can only imagine another 16+ weeks. YIKES!!!!
We are registered for our Childbirth Class at the hospital on August 27th from 9am-3pm and go back to the doc again on August 30th. Can't wait to see the babies again.  Have a wonderful week everyone!  ~Wren


  1. you look great!

  2. So cute!!! I hear you on the tired. Hope has been exhausted. I hear you're supposed to feel more energetic in the second trimester, but somehow I doubt that applies to twin pregnancies.

  3. Wren you look great!!!!!! The showers sound like they are well on their way to being fabulous and HOORAY for seeing your sister!!!!!!!