Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nursery in Progress

Today is 18 weeks! Can you believe it? WE CAN'T!  It is going so so fast.... 50% of twins are born at 35 weeks so that means we are over half way there although we do hope that our little birds stay in their warm little nest until 38 weeks! I went to the Chiropractor yesterday and had my neck and lower back adjusted - I have been sleeping on 2 pillows for the reflux and it has my neck messed up and the added weight on my belly has thrown my center of gravity off and my lower back has been aching.  My Prenatal Cradle Plus arrived yesterday too so I wore it to work today. It definitely gave me extra support for my tummy and back but I had to wear a shirt underneath it because the straps were itchy on my skin.  Finch and i put the cribs together this weekend - it was really easy and only took about 45 mins each.  Finch did all of the work. I just handed her the nuts and bolts - I do not enjoy assembly projects which means any race car tracks or Barbie houses that Santa may bring one day will be her projects to do on Christmas Eve. LOL.  My mom bought us this storage changing bench a couple of months ago which has a momma bird feeding a baby bird which fits right in with our Woodland Animals theme. We are in love with birds and owls.  I made the sheer curtains with the leaves to add just a hit on the outdoors to the room.  We still need a rug, glider, bookshelf, and tall dresser....all in good time.  The babies will stay in our room for the first few months in bassinets though.  We still haven't selected a monitoring system to use - I like the Snuza (thanks to H1 and H2 for the suggestion on those) but we need to find a good double video monitor system that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.   Any suggestions?   18 week belly pics will follow later this week.  Here is a few pics of our work so far.

    The babies CRIBS

a little pillow for the glider

Storage Changing Bench

     Woodland Animals is our Nursery Theme

     Another view of the Changing Storage Bench...momma bird and baby bird - love it!!
~ Have a great week! 


  1. I LOVE that bench!!! Like really love it. Belly pic please. :D

  2. Everything looks beautiful so far!!! GOod job, mamas!!!! :)

  3. those bouncers are adorbs. also, pretty jealous of how on top of the nursery thing you guys are!

  4. Cute room! We have the snuza go and really like it!

  5. Adorable! I love the little owls on the bouncers, too! :)

  6. Very cute room!

    We ended up just using a sound monitor for our kids. I have heard that the motion detector type of monitors give a lot of false alarms, and can put you on edge more than they put you at ease.