Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Can you believe that TODAY is 35 weeks?!?!?!  WE CAN'T! 

My waist is 50 INCHES ?!?!?! 
Santa Claus better be eating more cookies because he has some competition this year - LOL!

We went for a NST (non-stress test) on Sunday and our doctor did a quick ultrasound. She said the babies look great, fluid level is good and BOTH are HEAD DOWN!  Woo-hoo! We are very excited because we will definitely be able to do the vaginal delivery.  If the babies haven't made their arrival we are scheduled for induction on Saturday, Dec 17th at 7:30am which means that we only have 18 more days to go.....unbelievable!

We go back in the morning for a full growth ultrasound at 8:30am and meet with our doctor then go to the the hospital for another NST.  It has been 5 weeks since our last full growth scan so we can't wait to see how much each baby weighs!  Finch has now decided that she thinks we are having 2 girls because of a dream she had the other night.  I still think we are having one boy and one girl.... time will tell!

I went into the office yesterday but am working from home the rest of the week. At this point the pressure and pain from walking, standing and even driving is too much so I sit comfortably in my recliner and work on projects and am sitting here as I type. LOL.  Bags of frozen peas and the microwave heat pack have also become my best friends. 

Well, Finch is nesting away and has been baking away to her hearts content.  She has made and frozen chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies and oatmeal cookies for the holidays. She has also made several other delights which include Chocolate-Espresso Balls, Crab Mac and Cheese (for my birthday dinner) along with Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee (for my birthday dinner), and last but certainly not least,  Pumpkin Truffles which are to die for!!!! (see the pictures below)

Chocolate Espresso Balls

Crab Mac and Cheese for my Birthday dinner

Crab Mac and Cheese

Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee for my Birthday

More Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee - yummo!

Heavenly Pumpkin Truffles

Our house is all decorated for Christmas

Oh Christmas Tree!

We both went for last minute pedicures today to treat ourselves!  

Life is Good Amazing !  We are so blessed and will keep you updated as we get closer the next few days.....the hospital bag is packed and waiting at the bottom of the stairs - I told Finch now that we are ready they will probably wait until the last minute and be induced on Dec 17th - oh my!

Love and blessings for a Happy Holiday Season to each of you!
Wren and Finch


  1. happy 35 weeks! i hope you don't have to induce, but i speak from experience when i say dec 17 is a pretty good birthday to have ;) (and i seak from a newborn haze when i say dec 17 is in 18 days?? i forgot about my birthday...) also: way to be head down, babies!!

  2. Wow! So soon now! Enjoy your last few weeks as a family of two. Can't wait to welcome the babies!

  3. I cannot wait!!!! I can't decide which looks more amazing...that beautiful baby belly or the pumpkin truffles :) Thinking of all FOUR of you!

  4. Happy 35 weeks!! I feel like y'all were just announcing your pregnancy like it was yesterday! Amazing how time flies! Everything looks lovely, Finch you feel free to come here and cook anytime! Everything looks so delicious! Happy nesting and happy last few weeks (days??) enjoying your time with just the 2 of you!!! :)

  5. Wow--I feel SO behind on the christmas stuff. Looks like you're totally set for babies' first xmas! Happy 35 weeks!

  6. Awesome to hear you're doing well. And might I add yummy to all the great looking food. And yayy for Dec 17th :)

  7. Congrats on making it to 35 weeks with twins! That's a huge accomplishment! As Allison said, enjoy the last few weeks as a family of two!