Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Week 32

My gorgeous wife looking absolutely amazing!

She is such a champ! A quick check up and sonogram yesterday revealed that BOTH BABIES ARE NOW HEAD DOWN!!!! Wonderful news considering we are hoping for a vaginal delivery. This also explains the increased pressure and discomfort Wren is feeling. Aside from that, she is feeling great. I would say we are 85% totally prepared for their arrival at anytime. The bags are packed and ready to go, car seats are installed and most of the house is in order.

We did run a "mock baby trial" last week for the dogs. We dug the CPR doll out of the basement, affectionately named her Estelle, dressed her up and have been carrying her around trying to get the dogs ready for 2 new babies in the house :)  I think it was a success -- our shepherd mix, Fenway (who is super lax anyway), was excited at first, but quickly became uninterested and laid back down for his nap. Sophie, our high-strung yorkie, was much more curious (and somewhat jealous). I know it doesn't come anywhere near to the real experience, but neither one have ever been around little babies, older kids yes -- but not infants so it will take some adjusting. Below you can see our beautiful little Estelle :)

Sophie meeting Estelle -- She will make a great big sis! 

Hope you're all having a great week, happy hump day!


  1. What a cutie pie on the pooch with Estelle! My sister had me bring my niece's little hospital hat over to her house the night she delivered (you know the one they first put on before the bath..eww) so her pup would get use to the new scent. She also did the baby carrying thing for her other daughter (17 months) so she would get use to sister being around...she wasn't happy at first but eventually she got better. So many things to worry about but yet so exciting to plan for! I hope I'm there soon!!! Congrats on week 32...awesome!! Just because I'm nosey...have they said how long they think Wren can hold out till?

    p.s. thanks for your comments lately...they make us laugh!

  2. Wren is gorgeous!!!!! I'm so happy you two have made it all the way to 32 weeks, keep going mommies! Sending tons of love.


  3. looking good! sounds like you're in good shape, too! oh, the waiting...

  4. Lookin' good, mama!!! I can't believe you 2 are already at 32 weeks -- amazing!!!

  5. so awesome! now that we're pregnant with twins also, i'll admit i've been keeping closer tabs on all the blogs with twins also! lol ... she looks great and so happy to hear both babies are now vertex! hope they stay that way and you're able to get the vag birth you're hoping for!! congrats on 32 weeks. =)