Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Update after ultrasound

We went to see our doctor this morning for our last growth scan at 35 weeks, 1 day...

Baby A is Head down - weight 5lb 9oz - heart rate 139
Baby B is Head down - weight 5 lb 8oz - heart rate 157

The heart rates have me confused usually Baby A is 150's and Baby B is in the 130's - so who knows?!?!

The doctor checked me and I am not dilated AT ALL. She said, " you are solid as a rock!" LOL.

We go back to see her at the hospital this Sunday for a NST and check up since she is on call but she said after that we would just continue with NST's and she would see us on the 17th for induction!!!  Induction day is only 3 days short of 38 weeks which she said she wouldn't let us go over.

She said she expects we will make it to our induction day and the babies will gain another pound within the next two weeks. 

So only 17 more days....I keep repeating it over and over - the last two weeks have been really loooong but it looks like we will need to hang in there a little longer.

Thank goodness for heat packs, bags of frozen peas and my recliner!!!! LOL.



  1. Hooray for 2 heads down!! Fingers crossed they stay that way! PS I read this in my reader, and opened it to your full blog b/c I thought for sure there would be a picture of you reclined on heat with bags of frozen veggies! Now THAT would be a picture!! :)

  2. Holding all of you in my thoughts in these last weeks of pregnancy. It's been an honor to follow the growth of these babies, and it will be so to read about their new presence in the world soon. I wish you a strong, healthy delivery. How wondrous all of this truly is! RLG.