Thursday, November 10, 2011

Water breaking -- FALSE ALARM!!!!

Oh my golly! Sometimes Wren just makes me laugh at the situations she gets into....

The other day, she came home from work completely ready to just relax. She was sore from the pressure of her vajayjay, her lower back was hurting, and her hip has started to pop each time she takes a step.

***Luckily, she has the luxury of having a fairly flexible career and a lot of times can work without needing to be in the office. Although, she likes to be in the office for face. So, about the past month she has been working half days from the office in the morning, and then will come home in the afternoons. I, however, do not have even the option of working from home and work from 4pm-midnight (or longer...). Lately, we have been able to spend at least an hour together in the afternoons before I have to get going.

So, she walks in the door -- just feeling blah. She goes into the kitchen, gets ice out of the freezer and puts it in a bag, flops down in the recliner and begins to ice her vagina! All I could do was laugh along with her. She goes on to make herself comfortable and I head out the door. She tells me that she is going to take a nap and will call me later when she wakes up. Well, about an hour and a half goes by and I get a text from her that says -- "I just woke up...I think my water broke."  So, I'm reading it, in awe....then I get the follow up message that says -- "Oh is just my bag of ice that melted. LOL!"  

Really?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????  Oh well! It makes for a good story.

Take care everyone!


  1. I held my breath when I saw the title...and phew...turned out to be a funny story! I figured it couldn't be bad with FALSE ALARM on there. That is so funny...I can just imagine! Sounds right up my alley! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I sure did just laugh out loud at this!!!! Awwww pregnancy humor :)

  3. HA! too much. as i was saying yesterday, it's hard to maintain one's modesty or dignity when one is very pregnant!

  4. omg, that is hilarious. glad the little buns are still baking!

  5. That is hysterical! Glad it was a false alarm!

  6. Love! Maybe use peas next time...

  7. Hahaha I love this! I can totally picture myself and my partner in this exact scenario!

  8. I would be a little anxious if it happened to me.

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