Monday, April 25, 2011

Cast your vote

I emailed our nurse and she sent back a big Congratulations!

We go to the doc for our first beta this Friday and then will have another one next Monday and Wednesday.
Nurse Elizabeth said we would return one week after our 3rd Beta for an ultrasound - that would be on May 11th!!! (Gotta love the number 11!  is that a hint that 1+1=2?!?

Finch and I are taking bets on whether we will be having 1 baby or twins...... cast your vote NOW! :)

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Oh it's gonna be twins, I am always right you know?

  2. I will go against the pack and say 1. But I am hoping for 2!!

  3. I vote trips...what? those were some good eggs!

  4. I'm gonna say that one of the eggies split and it's triplets :)

  5. hmmmmm.... I think twins!! You got a + on digital way early. Twins, indeed.