Thursday, April 14, 2011

*Day 5 Transfer*

Our nurse just called and the report is in....  Day 5 Transfer it is!

She said all 23 are continuing to grow...
We have 15 that are 4-cell, 3 that are 5-cell, 3 that are 3-cell and 2 that are 2-cell.  She said we will have our 5-day transfer on Sunday!!!!!  Wow!!!

She said that the ones they would be watching are the 15, 4-cell ones for transfer. 

I am feeling much better today - just a little cramping thank goodness.
One of the medicines is making me dizzy and nauseous though. 

Finch is home with me all day today so I am very happy.  She made me a blueberry waffle this morning with scrambled eggs which was really nice.... I
am going to try and get some work done since I will be off on Monday with bed rest again after the transfer.

Here's hoping for lots of "sticky vibes" on Sunday.  We will have acupuncture immediately before and after the transfer which is supposed to help with implantation.  Fingers and toes crossed we will be joining the "mommies-to-be" club very soon! 


  1. fingers and toes crossed for you.

  2. You guys are cruisin! Excellent news all around.

  3. Oh my fingers are so crossed!!

  4. Excellent news! Sorry I've been so behind on commenting but this all looks great and I'm so excited for you guys!

  5. awesome! So awesome! I will be sending you all the sticky vibes I've got! =)