Saturday, April 9, 2011

Estrogen....New Blinds and a theme for our nursery!

So here is our update...we were coasting along quite nicely and the doc seemed to have reduced my dose and I did great for 2-3 days then "today" my bloodwork showed my Estrogen almost doubled overnight from 1808 to 3317 !!!  I have 33 follicles and she measured 13 of them that ranged from 12-15mm in size (they need to be at 18 to be mature).... I have read everything I can get my hands on about IVF and realize that anytime your Estrogen is over 3000 you are at high risk for OHSS - the doc called me personally this afternoon (which is never a good sign) and said that she is switching my trigger shot from HCG to Lupron so the chance of OHSS will be much less.  I asked her what I could do to lessen my change of OHSS and she said not to drink drink Gatorade or V-8 juice only and to have protein with every meal.  The nurse just called me to go over the med instructions for tonight and they have decreased the Gonal F and Menopur to 75u and I return at 9am to the main office for ultrasound and bloodwork.  She said I will likely trigger tomorrow night with retrieval set for Tuesday.  I am more than a little anxious now - I asked the doc if she would cancel my cycle and she said no chance that we just needed to keep the E at the level it is at and change the trigger. Obviously my body responded like crazy to all the meds but hoping and praying it is not too much and will put it over the top for implantation to occur.....   did any of you guys use a Lupron trigger? 

Below is my #'s just for my recordkeeping and historical data...
4/6 - Gonal F 112u, Menopur 225u - E=1169, added Ganirelix
4/7 - Ganirelix in the am, then Gonal F 112 u and Menopur 225u.... E=1534
4/8 - Ganirelix in am, Gonal F 112u and Menopur 225u  E=1808....27 follicles
4/9 - Ganirelix in am - Estrogren shot up to 3317 overnight - holy crap!  the ultrasound showed 17 follicles on one side and 16 on the other for a total of 33!  They are ranging in size from 13-16 today

Moving on to more exciting news - we have picked a theme for our nursery....Woodland creatures!
I painted the white enamel trim and Finch painted the room green this week..... we picked out a set of bamboo blinds we like and brought one home to try out today - in the process of taking it out of the packaging with a set of scissors - I CUT the string on the blind!!! ugh! yikes!  we put the blinds up and realized they don't have a backing to them and let in way too much light.  We are going back tomorrow to pick out the other set that is dark wood but has a backing which will keep out the light and ensure privacy.
We are also searching for modern curtains with a leaf or fern print on them - if you have any ideas of where to find them - let us know :)  

The doc said I will trigger tomorrow night likely with a retrieval on Tuesday - will keep you posted! 
Happy Saturday!  

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