Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend Adventures

Finch and I took off on Friday to go surprise my Grandma for her 87th birthday - I told her that UPS would be delivering a package around 4pm for her birthday - we drove 3 hours and showed up with roses and balloons at 4pm wearing UPS hats that my uncle gave us (he retired from UPS) and Finch caught the whole thing on video!   She was so surprised and excited.  We spent the night with her and had to come back on Saturday since my wife had to work in the evening.... it was priceless seeing my grandma's face!  While we were there we had a little scare...OK, a BIG SCARE - I took the first round of Gonal/Menopur on Friday night - on Sat at 630am I wake up and am bleeding - my heart sank and i thought there was something seriously wrong.   My grandma lives in the mountains in WV and there is no cell service.  I had to wait until we were leaving to call the emergency line at our doctor's office - the nurse called me right back and I explained about the meds and that I was cramping and bleeding - she said, "oh yeah,  you will have a period after you are off the birth control pills...." I'm sorry we must have forgotten to tell you"  My heart came back up from my stomach and I told her I had been a wreck all morning thinking something was seriously wrong and that no one had told me I would have a period!!!  Of course we were relieved but I was a mess all morning thinking that our cycle would have to be cancelled and that one of the medicines had caused me to start bleeding.  Ugh - what a relief that everything is ok and I have continued with the meds...  the gonal f doesn't hurt a bit but the menopur shots sting my belly.  I go back in the morning at 715am for more bloodwork and another u/s....  fingers crossed that all will look good - we are supposed to have the retrieval around April 11th - only about a week away - ahh!! yikes - I feel like I have been waiting for the past 10 years to be pregnant and become a mom.  It is only days away from our transfer and it all feels surreal.  Finch worked last night til midnight so I worked on painting the trim in the nursery, a white high-gloss enamel - I finished all of the trim this evening.  We picked out the main color for the room and have a gallon of paint ready and is called "gentle landscape" and is light green.   We have been looking on the computer for decals with trees, birds, owls, and flowers....we have narrowed it down to 2 so far.  Here's to hoping this week flies by - I have noticed I have been on edge and more moody the last couple of days - thank God I have a patient and understanding has also helped that she has worked the past two evenings and hasn't had to deal with my grouchiness. haha.


  1. Glad everything is progressing nicely. I remember numbing the tummy with an ice cube or pinching just a little longer when inserting the menopure helped some. But yup that one burns a little. Keep up the good work.

  2. What a great birthday surprise! I bet she about fell over when she saw you! And I'm glad the period is ok, and not a setback--April 11, here we come!

  3. I am so happy to read nothing was seriously wrong and was completely natural. One week away, countdown :)