Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 6 of Stim for IVF

It has been a long week and it is only Wednesday...I thought I would be going every other day for monitoring but my Estrogen shot up quickly so I have had to leave the house at 6am the past 3 days to drive to MD for monitoring.   Here is an update on my numbers so far...
On 3/28  I went for blood work and u/s and my baseline Estrogen was = 53
4/1  - started Gonal F 225u and Menopur 150u, continued same dose on 4/2 and 4/3
4/4 Monday - returned for blood work and us - E=451 (this was quite and unexpected jump and my body responded very quickly to the med...doc decreased Gonal F to 150u and Menopur stayed at 150u.) 
4/5 Tues - returned for blood work and u/s E = 662 med levels remained the same...ultrasound showed approximately 26 follicles!!! hooray!
4/6 Wed - returned for blood work and u/s E = 1169  Gonal F decreased to 112u, Menopur increased to 225u and Ganirelix shot added tonight.  The 9 follies she measured today were all 11, 12 and 13mm. looking good little follies!  I take another Ganirelix shot in the am and return to the doc at 7:15am for more blood work and u/s

Does anyone have any feedback on these numbers or know how they compared to your IVF cycle(s)??

Retrieval day should be on Sunday/Monday depending on how the rest of the week goes - I have been really, really tired the past few days.  I wonder if it is from the increased hormone levels? I come home and I am spent.    On a different note, I called the massage/acupuncture clinic in my doctors office and I will be able to get acupuncture immediately prior to our transfer and immediately after it is completed.  All of the data I have read says it increased your success rates by at least 42% so we figure it is a good investment to have it done while we are there.  I  have been going for acupuncture in VA over the past 2-3 months so hopefully this will also make a difference and bring us the success we have been patiently been waiting for... I didn't want to go to drive to MD for the transfer and then have to drive to VA for the acupuncture treatment so it should all work out very well.  Fingers crossed.

Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers and send positive thoughts/energy our way!
Hugs, Wren


  1. Holy crap... 26 follies!!! Ang didn't respond well to the medications and when we had our retrieval there were only 6... which all happened to fertilize but only 2 made it to transfer day :(. So those numbers are looking mighty fine! I'm surprised you aren't writing saying you are all hormonal and bloated...that's how Ang felt! I can't believe the retrieval will be next week!! Good luck and we will be thinking of you!

  2. wow, your doing great! I stimmed for over 2 weeks! Everyone is different and it sounds like you are an excellent responder! Good luck!