Friday, April 22, 2011

TWW is killing us

Oh the dreaded two week wait....It is day 5 and  our beta test is next Friday. 
My headache has left and I haven't been feeling nauseated anymore but continue to have light cramping in my belly.  **did any of you test from home before your beta and if so on what day after the transfer??**
I would like to test but am nervous about it and not sure.... Finch says she is 100% sure I am pregnant and 80% sure we are having confidence level is not nearly as high as hers!  I think my only saving grace between now and next Friday is I have a Federal Grant to write for my job that needs to mail next Thursday. I will be typing through the weekend and next week to get it all done.  I guess I need to be thankful for the distraction but the first thing I think of when I get up test...or not to test and would like your opinion!  ~Wren


  1. OMG is it only DAY 5?!?!

    I did not do IVF, but I did not test until I got my beta. But Speedy "knew" and I sort of thought I did, too. Weird not-quite crampiness was the only sign of any kind that I had (and I never got morning sickness at all.) If you can stand to wait a few more days, I would test before Friday. That seems like a long time. It was a 5d transfer, right? You should have high enough hcg by day 7 or 8 to see something on the test, I would think. I totally have my money on a chick in your nest.

  2. I got a positive stick at 7dp5dt which is 12 dpo.

  3. Yup... We've done 8 IVFs between the two of us and we have gotten positives on 5dp5dt and 6dp5dt. :)

  4. I didn't test. I was pretty sure the IVF had failed because I started bleeding right when I should have gotten my period. I was totally floored when the nurse called to say my bloodwork was positive. I had almost skipped the appointment, I was so sure it was another BFN. Looking at those two beautiful embryos, I'm sure at least ONE stuck around. Good luck keeping distracted.

  5. I say test. We did, as laurie said above. Good luck! =)

  6. Hmm, I had to ban Lawyer from buying any more pregnancy tests just so I could get some sleep. I had been testing first thing in the morning (best pee to POAS) but I was so excited with wanting to know that I kept waking up at 5am.
    I got a BFN 1 week after the transfer (Lawyer's Birthday) but two days later I got the faintest line which got darker over the next two days, and then two days after that I got a beta of 127.